• General Questions

    • Do you take insurance?
      We do not perform any treatments, that would be deemed “medically necessary” by insurance companies. For that reason we do not have contracts with insurance companies, nor do we have the ICD-9 codes required for insurance billing. All procedures at DermaCure are considered elective.
    • I have some moles that I would like to have checked. Does Dr. Ingber check them?
      Dr. Ingber is a facial plastic Surgeon, not a Dermatologist. We do not have the equipment needed to take samples and biopsy questionable moles. We do not perform skin cancer screenings or mole removals. We can provide you with the recommendation of a local Dermatologist if needed.
    • What is the non-surgical nose job, and how does it compare to Rhinoplasty?
      Restylane or Juvederm , Hyaluronic acid based injectable fillers are used to re-shape imperfections on the nose. A topical numbing cream is first applied to minimize discomfort. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes. There is no prolonged or painful recovery, unlike with surgery. The results last anywhere up to one year, and appear instantly, where the final results of a surgical procedure can take up to 6 months. Most patients return to work immediately.
    • How do I know if my veins can be treated with your laser?
      The Coolglide 1064 yag laser is effective in treating spider veins, blue reticular veins, and broken capillaries on the face. Bulging and painful varicose veins are too deep to treat with the Coolglide laser. If you are unsure which veins you have, a member of our staff will be able to help you determine whether or not your veins are treatable.
    • Does the doctor do all of the injections?
      Both Dr. Ingber and his highly trained nurse, Nicole Deacon, perform all injections.
    • What is the difference between Botox and fillers?
      Botox and Dysport target and relax facial muscles to keep them from creating wrinkles. Fillers such as Voluma, Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm smooth and fill in existing wrinkles, restoring skin fullness and volume. Think of Botox and Dysport as a corrective and preventative measure against future facial lines, and fillers as a way of dealing with existing lines and folds.
    • Do the laser treatments hurt?
      Each person has a different perception of pain. Some laser treatments are painless to one patient, while the same laser treatment may be interpreted as painful to another patient. The lasers we utilize at our office are considered to be minimally painful, and absolutely tolerable. We do apply topical numbing agents and utilize a handheld Zimmer cooler, which applies cold air to the area being treated. We now offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation for a more comfortable procedure.
    • Your Laser Hair Removal prices are much more expensive than other places in the area. Why?

      Our prices may not be the cheapest in town, but you can be assured that you are receiving top-notch service at DermaCure. We offer state-of-the-art equipment, performed by our highly trained nurse. You can take comfort in knowing that you are receiving an effective treatment that is safe. One of the tools we utilize to ensure the safety and efficacy of your treatment, is a questionnaire you answer to help us understand how your skin responds to light exposure and heat. This helps us determine how aggressively we can treat your hair, while still maintaining a safe level for your skin type. This minimizes any chance for adverse reactions such as burns, and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Dr. Ingber checks all laser settings prior to treatment. Of the cosmetic laser treatments performed in the industry, laser hair removal carries the highest risk of side effects, it is important to take this into consideration when choosing a provider for laser hair removal. You have to ask yourself, “is it really worth possible permanent scarring, just to save a few dollars?”

      We periodically run specials on laser hair removal treatments. If you provide us with your email address, we will inform you when we are running a special.

    • I am calling around to find the least expensive place to receive laser hair removal. Can I call and find out what you charge?
      We price our laser hair removal based on the size of the area, and the amount of time that will be needed with the nurse. For that reason, you must be seen by our consultant, to determine treatment costs for the area to be treated.
    • Is the free consultation with the doctor?
      Your initial complimentary consultation is scheduled with our highly trained aesthetic consultant, Candice. Candice will provide you with all of the information and pricing you need, and will schedule your treatment appointment. In most cases Dr. Ingber will join the consultation with Candice.
    • Is Dermacure a Medspa?
      No. DermaCure is a medical office offering cosmetic treatments and lasers under the direct supervision of Dr. Craig Ingber, a board certified facial plastic surgeon. No spa services are offered by our staff, although the office does provide a soothing spa-like atmosphere.
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