PRP Vampire Facial

PRP Vampire Facial

The Vampire Facial is best for…

Women and men who think their skin looks more “grey” then “glow”. The treatment increases blood flow and builds new vessels, cultivating a natural youthful gleam to the skin.

Those who have fine lines around the mouth, eyes, and on the forehead and/or acne and trauma scars and stretch marks. The Vampire Facial uses your own plasma to prompt your body to produce new, younger tissue that plumps and smooths your skin.

Clients who desire more dramatic results than prescription creams, facials, and most peels can provide. These products and services are wonderfully supportive but the vast majority only effect the top dermal layers. Vampire facial deeply penetrates the dermis, exposing more of your cells to collagen and vessel building stimulus.

Men and women who seek a natural solution to hair loss and thin unhealthy strands. Vampire Facial techniques, combined with tiny injections of your PRP, have been shown to improve hair density and quality.

How the Vampire Facial Works

Nicole Deacon, RN will perform an ultra fast blood draw; you will be done in less then 10 seconds. Next using proprietary state of the art technology, the platelets in your blood are isolated and Dr. Ingber extracts your Platlet Rich Palsma (PRP). Our method captures a remarkable 94 percent concentration of the ultra-healing substance. After proper sterilization and prep the micro needling session begins. Micro needles deeply penetrate the dermal layer at thousands of microscopic punctures a minute. The process tingles but isn’t painful. With each break in the skin, isolated growth factors are driven deep, creating stimulus for tightening and rejuvenation of collagen, vessels and the supportive tissue of the skin.

The patients face is “painted” with the growth factors so they soak into the tissue for further stimulation. The micro punctures are open for about four hours after the procedure, so patients may be sent home with the remaining PRP to apply again at home. Your will leave the office looking like you have a mild sunburn. The day after the procedure, you’ll experience mild redness and flaking of the skin that can be easily covered with cosmetics.

During the next two to three months, the growth factors activate multi-potent stem cells already in your skin, tricking them into “thinking” that there’s been an injury and new younger tissue should be generated. These stem cells develop into new collagen, blood vessels and fatty tissue as they “repair” the skin that was never actually injured. Because the process only uses your own PRP, there are no side effects, risk of infection or tissue damage. The gorgeous effects last at least one to two years.